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At Freeman Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, our team strives to help patients heal from physical and sports injuries so they can continue to live life to the fullest. We can help treat debilitating injuries that would continue to hinder a patient’s sports career if left untreated. Under the direction of Dr. Ted L. Freeman, DO, we offer patients regenerative and orthopedic treatment techniques.

We can customize the treatment for each individual patient, so they receive the specific type of care they need. Since recovering from sports injuries can be a process, Dr. Ted L. Freeman, DO and our team will guide patients through it. Once they can begin exercising again, we will advise the patient on the level of exercise their body will be able to handle.

Call us to begin the path to recovery and healing, so your injury does not have to continue holding you back.

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Dr. Ted L. Freeman

"It is the obligation and privilege of the healthcare professional to relieve discomfort”.
– Albert Schweitzer, M.D.

Dr. Ted L. Freeman is a specialist in Spine, Pain, Rehabilitation, Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Medicine.

He earned his bachelor of science degree in Health, Physical Education and Sports Studies at Rutgers University.

During his medical training at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine he completed his first fellowship in Spine and Musculoskeletal Medicine; after being awarded a teaching scholarship.

He completed his residency training in the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the world-renowned Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in New Jersey.

Dr. Freeman advanced his skills with a second fellowship in the sub-specialty of Spine and Pain Management at the nationally-recognized Florida Spine Institute.

Committed to providing state-of-the-art care for his patients, Dr. Freeman tailors a unique program for each individual; to relieve discomfort and to enhance their quality of life.

With five board certifications and two fellowships he remains active in his clinical practice, as well as an educator, lecturer and lead author in medical texts on the subject of Spine Rehabilitation, Electrodiagnostic Medicine and Clinical Neurophysiology.