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A state-of-the-art approach to knee pain.

We know that knee pain doesn’t just hurt, it can prevent you from living your life. Daily tasks like climbing stairs, picking up bags of groceries and going to the gym become much harder when you have chronic knee pain. You may even start avoiding activity because of the pain, which can compromise your overall health.

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Common causes of knee pain include:

  • Sports injuries
  • Sudden trauma
  • Automobile accidents
  • Arthritis
  • Whether your knee pain started suddenly or has been building over time, the discomfort may be causing you to live a much more sedentary life than you want. Regardless of the cause of the pain, it’s important to explore all of your treatment options, because living with less pain, or even without it, may be possible. Your knees are the largest and most complex joints in your body, so you should only trust them to a team you have full confidence in. Dr. Freeman and the rest of our staff want to earn your trust so we can help you start feeling better. We don’t just bring considerable clinical expertise to the practice of treating knee pain, we also bring years of first-hand experience in helping patients.

    New! Pain Relief May Be Possible Without Surgery

    We are committed to providing our patients innovative treatment options for chronic pain. Now patients with arthritis whose pain goes beyond what relief of traditional methods can provide may be candidates for a new non-surgical alternative.

    Freeman Orthopedic and Sports Medicine is pleased to now offer our patients a short-term series of lubrication injections that increase the hyaluronic acid you have in your joints. Hyaluronic acid a natural substance, already in your body—it acts like oil in your car engine, but for your joints. You can lose it over time. With more hyaluronic acid in your joints, you may be able to move your knees more freely. Think of it as shock absorption for your knees.

    With this pioneering treatment option, you could start feeling much better in just a few weeks’ time, with the benefits of the treatment lasting up to six months.

    If you’ve been concerned that a knee replacement is the only way to reduce your discomfort, you’ll definitely want to know more about what Freeman Orthopedic and Sports Medicine can do for you.

    A Holistic Approach to Orthopedic Medicine

    Here at Freeman Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, our staff knows that every patient is an individual, not just a diagnosis. As a patient, you will experience our dedication to treating the whole person. We will develop a unique program tailored to your needs, so you can reach your health and wellness goals.

    Whatever the cause of your knee pain, we are here to help.

    To learn more about our approach to alleviating knee pain, call our office.

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