Regenerative Medicine

Treatment & Care Not Involving Surgery

There are effective and efficient orthopedic treatments. At Freeman Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, our team is able to treat many patients with regenerative medicine. This can include many treatment options that don’t involve surgical options.

Goals of regenerative medical treatments include:

  • Restoring the body’s natural functions
  • Jump-starting the body’s healing processes
  • Increasing platelet concentration to help musculoskeletal healing

How Regenerative Medicine Can Help

At Freeman Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, we’re excited to use the insights gained from the study of regenerative health in order to help our patients. This means we can utilize these treatments independently or with surgical options. We seek to incorporate cutting-edge techniques such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy into treatment plans which are personalized according to individual needs because serving patients with excellence is our goal.

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Why Choose Us?

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